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Ti Tensile Structures Offers Retractable Enclosures, Retractable Roof Enclosures, Retractable Terrace Enclosures, Swimming Pool Enclosures, Low Swimming Pool Enclosures, High Swimming Pool Enclosures, Fully Glassed Patio Enclosures, Tensile Structures, Tension Structures in India.

Who doesn’t want to save money on their pool? Keeping your pool cleaned and filtered can be a tedious and costly task. With Retractable Swimming Pool Enclosures, you can easily avoid getting dirt, dust, leaves, or insects in your pool. This allows for a neat and clean pool all the time. Protect your family from all the elements and preserve all the fun! In the summer months, pool enclosures shield you from the direct heat of the sun, protecting your loved ones and friends from sunburns. During the winter months, Retractable Swimming Pool Enclosures guard against cold winds and freezing temperatures, ensuring a grand time in less than delightful conditions. Beautifying your pool can and will make you the talk of the town.

Telescopic Pool Enclosures, Pool Covers and Sunrooms. Our unique patented design allows the enclosure to slide over your swimming pool or patio in seconds letting you enjoy the benefits of summer all year round. These Telescopic Pool Enclosures have all the advantages of traditional enclosures, and incorporate a one-piece seamless structural panel for strength, beauty and easy operation. Our pool enclosures maintains a watertight seal and generates a solar energy for a comfortable maintenance free swimming pool environment.

During the colder winter months, Retractable Garden Room's sophisticated design provides maximum safety and a long life. Particular focus was placed on the stresses caused by weather conditions, such as the forces placed on them by wind and snow. All components are produced industrially as series products – this ensures each garden glass room we produce is manufactured to the highest quality. With appropriate specification you can use your glass room all year round in comfort.

Rooftop Enclosure is any form of small or large weather protection system and work great as a: nightclub rooftop enclosure, restaurant enclosure, hotel enclosure, swimming pool enclosure. Our Rooftop Enclosure is a telescopic motorized covering that you can open and close whenever you like. with a simple click you can open your retractable cover or retractable enclosure and enjoy the summer and sunny days. The special inner material prevents harmful UV rays from entering through the covering, while at the same time it avoids the unpleasant greenhouse effect. The system has no rails on the ground, therefore it’s indicated for the impaired people. It can be tailor made and installed anywhere.

Installing our commercial patio enclosures can transform seasonal profits into annual ones by allowing you to use your outdoor spaces, once reserved for spring and summer months, all year round. By lowering your vinyl walls, you’ll experience an immediate 10-degree change in the temperature; heaters can be added as well to create a warmer environment. Our durable vinyl walls protect customers from wind, rain, and cold, creating a comfortable space that you can use to maximize revenue every day. Our customized patio enclosure walls fit tightly, keeping your outdoor space protected and comfortable. Companies and universities have utilized our commercial patio enclosures for restaurants, fitness centers, classrooms, conference rooms, atriums, reception areas, cafeterias, entryways, covered walkways, retail space, nursing homes, multi-housing space, museums, hotels and more.

With the new line of spa enclosures, homeowners have the opportunity to enjoy the soothing atmosphere and relaxing luxury of a resort spa in the comfort of their own backyards. Our spa enclosures are ideal for increasing living space and enhancing home value, and are designed to offer our customers the best in comfort and beauty. You can even combine several of our products to create the ultimate backyard resort. Whether you want to create an elegant and romantic environment around your spa, or are looking for a way to infuse your hot tub area with tropical flair, we are sure to have the ideal spa enclosure to help you create your own outdoor oasis.

Our low line telescopic / retractable enclosures are ideal for a client who requires the lowest possible enclosure, while still looking to swim underneath the enclosure year-round. A low enclosure solution is a great option to avoid affecting a nice view, or dominating a garden/landscape. They can also be installed in confined pool areas and still allow the enclosure to be retracted when the weather permits. A track extension can be also be included to allow the enclosure to be retracted completely off the pool. During the enclosure design process, we will work with you to select the most appropriate size enclosure for your requirements and property.

Half Enclosures - movable construction elements mounted to your home or other fixed structures. We offer a range of fixed or retractable single or double glazed buildings that can be installed against a property, chalet or other. Also, with the use of a glulam beam, goalposts are able to span large areas and glaze down to a wall, building or other. The roof can be glass if required, and when fixed, we will normally glaze to a structural aluminium box gutter of 200mm or 300mm, purpose built to suit the situation. All exterior beams and stanchions for the goal posts, are clad with powder coated aluminium of the same colour as the building. The aluminium box gutter will be externally clad with celetex (PVCu) coloured cladding. This allows the structure to blend in perfectly with its surroundings. All beams and stanchions are positioned by crane, and stanchions are fixed down with a stainless adjustable shoe, which allows a 70mm clearance from the floor level, preventing it from sitting in water.

Hot Tub enclosures offer easy year round use for your hot tub or portable spa! hot tub dome enclosures are virtually maintenance free. Many Hot tub enclosures are equipped with roofs that can be partially opened. Views are not obstructed – through their polycarbonate that is clear as glass, users can completely view the area surrounding the enclosure. Polycarbonate creates a “greenhouse” warming effect that can be appreciated in off seasons. A hot tub is an extraordinary spot to loosen up in the wake of a prolonged day. It is likewise a decent approach to unwind and appreciate a three day weekend. There are numerous circumstances that can emerge, on the other hand, that make going outside to your hot tub to a lesser extent an extravagance and to a greater degree a bother. This is the reason numerous property holders are introducing an indoor hot tub. In the same way as other things that are introduced inside rather than out in the components, an indoor hot tub is most advantageous in light of the fact that it can be utilized lasting through the year without respect to the atmosphere. Contingent upon your range’s atmosphere, utilizing an outside hot tub could mean subjecting your body to extraordinary warmth, frosty, or precipitation. There will be no such issues with indoor hot tubs.